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Congratulations, you've booked your family photos! The hard part is done! You've convinced your husband it will be painless. Your kids will be sufficiently bribed with candy, and you will stare into the depths of your closets and attempt to pull together some form of matching, coordinated and otherwise tidy clothing choices. But as you ponder about which shirt you'll actually be able to fit over your kid's head, vs which pants will not be easily discarded mid photo shoot, take a moment to sit down and have a look at some amazing options Elyse Morency (@elysemor) has put together for you.

These three set of options allow for lots of layering -- very important if you're going to ditch those Winter jackets- and best of all she's done the color coordination for you. Think cozy and comfortable for your upcoming photos. Little hands don't like to be cold, a matching hat & mits is perfectly adorable. Remember this is a just a little guide to help you out, I do not require a perfectly color coordinated outfit to create beautiful memories for you. I only request nothing with giant logos as that really can take away from the photos xo. -Sarah

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Hey Everyone. Let's talk about getting ready for photoshoots... Even without kids this is not an easy task, the men usually are not thrilled and us women/moms have to do all the styling, getting ready, and keeping it all together so we don't sweat off our mascara. But we realize that these shoots are SO important and we do it regardless. So let's talk about ways to make sure that you can relax a little bit. Step 1- TRUST your photographer, this is the biggest step in booking with someone. Knowing that you will show up and they will know how to handle the situation. Weather that be letting the kids be wild & free, or making a mild dad joke to loosen up dad's mood or console the Mama and make sure she knows that she is doing a WONDERFUL job. Step 2- PREPARE well in advance so you can get up, get dressed, eat and go. This step is by far the hardest as as woman, we are over thinkers and want our photos to look just like that Instagram family who has likely done a glamorous family photo ever other day for the last 3 years. Let's be real, no one with 6 kids can just take one photo and look that good, it likely took a lot of bribing and many under the breath FUCKS to get there + Filters. Step 3- LET GO! This is so important. Breathe, and let me guide the way. The shoot with be done so quickly and you will be left with some amazing memories of that day. Step 4- ENJOY IT, Like all of it! I don't want the only memory of the day to be how much little johnny was acting out or how Dad had attitude all day. I want you to really embrace your little family and have fun. If the kids want to roll on the grass just join them and laugh along the way xo PS I am fine with bribes always, plus they get a fun memory of a special treat after. I had one family last weekend remember that I offered them donuts over a year before!!! Photos of some lovely high energy families that thought they would have no good photos from their session

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You’ve taken the jump and booked the family photoshoot. Hurray! But the next question that has probably come to mind is..

What do you wear?!

Styling your family for a professional photoshoot can feel like a stressful time. But rest assured, We have thought of everything for you to make this as smooth and simple as possible!

In this blog post you’ll find a series of casual and formal, full family, outfits, with a variety of styles guaranteed to give you some inspiration for your upcoming Fall photoshoot. You’ll also find a colour scheme planner, included in this blog post. This will help you style your family’s outfits so they all flow beautifully together, without looking too matching.

Do’s and Don’ts for styling your family photos


Pick a colour scheme for your family’s outfits

Play with colours and patterns within your clothing pieces to add depth to your photos

Dress in a way that feels comfortable and unique to you!


Pick clothing pieces with lots of bright pinks or reds in them

Don’t pick too many patterns for your family to wear. Pick one person in the family to wear a pattern and stick to solid colours for the other family members

Don’t pick clothing pieces that restrict movement. Your photoshoot should feel comfortable and movement is key for candid photos!

Let’s get styling! PS These looks can all be found at most stores, Old Navy, H&M, The Gap ETC I do not expect you to find all the matching outfits and have these exact looks, it's simply a little inspiration for you to find that perfect look for you. Finding the outfit is a actually the longest process of the shoot, and for most people the most stressful. This is why I partnered with the extremely talented Elyse Morency who is a local blogger and style guru to bring you these inspirations.


Picking your family colour scheme can feel overwhelming, so Creations Behind the Lens has taken all of the guesswork out of it! In the image below, you’ll find a multitude of colour schemes which you may like to use. We’ve ensured that all colours included in the photo match each other so if the colours in a row don’t feel like your style, the ones below and across will work just as beautifully!

Creations Behinds the Lens is so excited to work with you for your family photos. We know you’ll look beautiful and cannot wait to help you capture the memories of your family!

See you at your photoshoot!

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