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Winter wardrobe guide

Congratulations, you've booked your family photos! The hard part is done! You've convinced your husband it will be painless. Your kids will be sufficiently bribed with candy, and you will stare into the depths of your closets and attempt to pull together some form of matching, coordinated and otherwise tidy clothing choices. But as you ponder about which shirt you'll actually be able to fit over your kid's head, vs which pants will not be easily discarded mid photo shoot, take a moment to sit down and have a look at some amazing options Elyse Morency (@elysemor) has put together for you.

These three set of options allow for lots of layering -- very important if you're going to ditch those Winter jackets- and best of all she's done the color coordination for you. Think cozy and comfortable for your upcoming photos. Little hands don't like to be cold, a matching hat & mits is perfectly adorable. Remember this is a just a little guide to help you out, I do not require a perfectly color coordinated outfit to create beautiful memories for you. I only request nothing with giant logos as that really can take away from the photos xo. -Sarah

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